Distraction Free Thinking

It’s tough to not to get distracted in today’s digital age, but if you have ADHD, like me, it’s damned near impossible. The Internet is just so limitless, and my curiosity is so endless… it’s a pretty bad combination. Even those of you without ADD or ADHD would likely agree that there is so much distraction these days that it can be tough to find a moment for nothing but your own thoughts. However, there are two places I’ve found where I do my best thinking: in the shower and on my bike.

I unapologetically take very long showers. You better hope you’re not sharing a hot water tank with me because I’m likely to shower until the water gets cold. I don’t even realize how long I’ve been in there most of the time, I just get so lost in my thoughts – it’s incredible! It is unequivocally where I do my best thinking. A friend recently asked for my advice on something and I told him I’d get back to him the next day because I wanted to dedicate a shower to mull things over. If I have a particularly vexing work problem I’m dealing with, I’ll often make a point to think it over in the shower. If I ever start my own company I plan for midday showers to not only be kosher, but encouraged!

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