Should You Join a Startup?

Startups are in vogue. It seems like everybody is working on their own startup, working at a startup, looking to join a startup or at the very least, has an idea for a startup. If you’re a recent or soon to be graduate, you might be trying to decide if you should join a startup or take a job at a more established company. Unfortunately, there’s no “right” answer, so rather than give you a blanket answer, I’ll discuss the positives and negatives I’ve experienced during my time working at startups. And while I wish I could offer an apples to apples comparison to working at a larger company, I have only worked at startups and my internships were at very small companies.

It’s important to note when I refer to a startup, I’m talking about something very early stage, as in less than 50 employees, as well as a company that is looking to achieve massive growth and so will likely take on venture funding. And while I believe that companies with more than 50 employees or which are not looking to achieve massive growth or take on venture funding can still very well still be considered startups (I talked about it here), for the purposes of this post that is what I’ll be focusing on, as those are the types of companies I have experience working at.
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