Small Changes Can Have a Big Effect

It’s important that every product team have a North Star – the ultimate vision and goal for what you hope to achieve with your product. Every decision should be weighed against whether or not it aligns with and helps the team reach said North Star. Unfortunately, this can often lead to enormous undertakings in the hopes of reaching our final destination as quickly as possible. When instead, we’d often be better suited to make small incremental changes that in aggregate can have a massive effect.

When trying to establish a new personal habit, the common advice is to start small and build a foundation. Focus on lots of little wins in order to build a positive feedback loop. If after multiple attempts you’re unable to positively enact change, only then does it make sense to make drastic changes. The same advice holds true for product development. Figure out what your product currently does well, or what your foundation is, and then begin mapping out small quick wins to build on your success and keep you headed in the direction of your North Star.

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