Twitch is Still Just Getting Started

When I first started watching Twitch in 2010 it was still called and my friends thought I was crazy for watching video games instead of just playing them. The game I watched most was Starcraft 2 (still is) and rather than go directly to I would go to TeamLiquid (a Starcraft website) and check the “Live Now” section of the sidebar, which would list which pros were currently streaming. The most popular streamers were: Day[9], Huk, Idra, WhiteRa and Destiny. Each could sometimes draw up to 10k viewers under the right conditions, and when a big event like MLG would happen there could be as many as 35k viewers. Those numbers pale in comparison to what the top streamers and biggest events draw in today, but at the time they seemed massive. Despite the huge growth, I’m still incredibly bullish on the future of eSports (definitely not alone here) but also on Twitch as a whole. I believe the Twitch acquisition by Amazon will be as big as YouTube was for Google – maybe even bigger.

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