Kickstarter: Three $1M+ Projects in Less Than 2 Weeks

So for those of you who have been living under a rock, Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects. It allows people to fund projects which they are interested in or just watch creative projects as they develop. If you choose to fund a project you will receive something in return, typically the more your donate the better compensation you receive. Lets say you are funding the publication of a book, if you donate $5 dollars you might just get a handwritten thank you but if you donate $15 you get a first edition of the book. If you have never been to their website go check it out, it can be a very fun way to kill time, and you might just stumble upon something you want to fund.

Anyways, the big news two weeks ago was that Kickstarter broke the $1M dollar funding mark for one of their projects, specifically Elevation Dock. This was the first project in Kickstarter’s history which had raised over a million dollars. They had come close a little over a year ago with TikTok, however in the end it raised just over 900k. 

Then a few hours later, a second project broke the $1M mark. Amazingly this time it was accomplished less than 24 hours after the initial posting of the project. That was the Double Fine Adventure, a new game being developed by Double Fine studios. As of this post they are above $2M and still have an additional ~3 weeks until funding closes. This was a huge day for Kickstarter, to go from never having a $1M project, to getting two in one day is pretty incredible stuff, you can read their blog post about it here. Now less than two weeks later they have their third project surpassing $1M in funding, The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive.

This raises the question will we begin seeing a plethora of $1M+ funded projects on Kickstarter, or was this just coincidence that these three projects did so around the same time? I think the answer is yes. It was definitely a coincidence that these three were funded around the same time, however given the very public success of these projects and growing public awareness of Kickstarter I think more established artists/designers/companies etc. will begin using it to fund new projects, which will in turn lead to more $1M projects.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments! 

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