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I’m using my email more than ever these days, so making sure it provides maximum utility has become something I take very seriously. I have been trying different 3rd party add-ons to help with a variety of things: organization, reminders, information, automation and more. All of these add-ons are free, so I figured in lieu of donations the least I could do was give some positive press about the three that I’ve found to be most useful. So without further ado… if you are looking for ways to improve your email productivity and experience, I highly recommend checking out the following products.

       ● Rapportive:

“Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.”

Whenever you send or receive an email, Rapportive displays an array of personal information to the left of the email. This includes: a picture, their name, links to their social media accounts (which you can scroll over to see their most recent activity), as well as any personal notes you have added about them. Rapportive has helped me make my emails more personalized by having quick access to information about my recipients. Here is what it looks like when I send an email to myself:

My Rapportive

(Note to self: add my Quora to account)

       ● Boomerang:

“Take control of when you send and receive email messages … create follow up reminders … remind yourself if you don’t hear back”

Boomerang is a simple add-on that I find super powerful. You can schedule emails to be sent at a specific time or remind yourself to write a follow up email after a period of time or if you don’t receive a response. The scheduled emails are great for when you’re working on a bunch of emails at night, particularly on a Friday. Instead of sending them at a time when there is a good chance your recipients will miss them, you can set them to be sent at a time that has a higher chance of being seen, such as early in the morning. The reminders have been very helpful when I am reaching out to a bunch of people in quick succession. I won’t necessarily remember if I don’t get a response from one particular person, so I set Boomerang to let me know if I don’t get a response within 4 days.   


“ is the free and easy way to end unwanted subscriptions”

This app is awesome for getting subscription email clutter under control. I used to be very careful about what I signed up for using my primary email account for fear of losing control of my inbox. has completely eliminated that fear. Unlike the other apps, you don’t have to install anything. Simply visit their website, connect your email account and they will generate a list of all of your subscriptions. They then bundle all of your subscriptions into a “roll” that they deliver to you once a day. So instead of getting tons of emails every morning, you get just one. You can also choose to have certain subscriptions appear in your inbox as they normally would rather than include them in your “roll.” also offers the ability to remove yourself from any mailing lists with just one click.

Let me know in the comments what apps/add-ons/products you use to improve your email experience!

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